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From freelance start-up to a full-service online marketing company

Here’s how we started and why we exist

I started providing Google AdWords training to business owners and marketing professionals in 2012. During this time, many business owners had shared their struggle of finding a marketing team that knew what they were doing. To my dismay, I heard marketing disaster stories of all kinds. The most common struggles that these business owners face, along with many others, include:

  • Getting ripped off by piece-meal packages by Yelp, Yellowpages, RogersOurtank or similar platforms, where approach is more tactical than strategic. And worst of all, they had to sign binding contracts for a minimum of at least one year.
  • Outsourcing their online marketing to offshore companies at a lower price only to experience major communication barriers, cultural differences, and more which resulted in a waste of time and money. Or sometimes, the offshore companies, being immune to any legal recourse, didn’t deliver what they originally promised. And many times, there is wasn’t a single point of contact. (Not all offshore companies are like this, but cultural differences and communication barriers always pose as a significant challenge)
  • Finally, one of the most common challenges I’ve heard business owners face is the inability to hire a full-service online marketing team due to alarmingly high costs of agencies.

It was because of these experiences that I started teaching digital marketing courses a few years later to help people -such as these business owners- become more informed when hiring a marketing agency. These training programs also taught people how to manage their own team in-house. Under my new consultancy, Nishan Singh, these courses helped customers leverage onine marketing more strategically, rather than tactically. When they were becoming a success I decided to add other training programs like Google Analytics, Webmaster Training, SEO training, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation training.

A few years later, I gave the business a new name- Chhlin and started providing online marketing execution services. It became our mission to put an end to challenges business owners were facing and help them succeed with their digital marketing, in order to meet business objectives.

Here at Chhlin, we are dedicated to:

  • Help business owners in Ontario, who believe that online marketing is essential for their business to thrive, but are not sure where to start and/or what to do.
  • Help Businesses in setting up their online marketing infrastructure driving online sales and revenue through their website.
  • To provide individual attention to sharp-minded and passionate business owners who want to proactively implement new ideas, staying far ahead of their competition. To implement measurement strategies and empower analytical capabilities of organizations that want to execute online marketing in-house.

That’s our story, now we’d love to hear yours.

Nishan Singh, MBA
Founder of Chhlin

Our team

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